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  • What is chiropractic?
    Chiropractors are primary contact health professionals that diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions, these are conditions associated with muscles, joints, bones and nervous system. Chiropractors are known for their expertise in spinal conditions but they focus and treat conditions of the entire body. For more information visit Canadian Chiropractic Association
  • Do I need a doctors referral?
    No, you do not need a doctor's referral to see a chiropractor. Occasionally insurance plans may require a doctor’s referral for coverage, but this is quite rare. We still recommend checking with your insurance provider prior to your appointment to check available coverage and requirements.
  • What can I expect during my visit?
    During your first visit, the chiropractor will do a full history and physical exam. The history portion of your exam involves asking a series of questions regarding your primary complaint as well as your overall health status. The physical exam consists of tests, movements and palpation (hands on assessment) to determine what the problem is. After the exam is complete the chiropractor will provide a diagnosis (or possible diagnoses) and outline what treatments can be offered both at Renew Health or beyond. Once a treatment plan is established treatment typically happens on the first visit and you are on your way to recovery!
  • What treatments are provided?
    Renew Chiropractors have many tools in their tool belt. Regardless of the type of treatment that is recommended to you, the goal is to get to the root cause of the injury and fix it for good. Most treatments include a multi-modal approach to patient care including a combination of the following: - Spinal and extremity joint manipulation - Soft tissue therapy/release - Acupuncture/dry needling - Exercise prescription or in-clinic exercise program - Education on how to manage your condition - Collaboration with other health professionals to optimize care
  • What conditions can be treated?
    Our chiropractors treat a wide variety of injuries including: Sports Injuries Motor Vehicle Injuries Work Related Injuries Spinal pain (Neck and low back pain) Extremity Joint Pain (Rotator Cuff, Hip flexor, ankle sprains etc) Headaches Repetitive Strain Injuries Arthritis Nerve Injuries (Sciatica, Carpal tunnel etc) Post Surgical Patients Chronic Pain
  • Is direct billing available?
    Yes, direct billing is available. Please keep in mind that some insurance plans do not offer direct billing, but if yours does - we will direct bill on your behalf!


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