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Renew Health is a locally owned and operated healthcare clinic providing physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy services to the community of East Hants.

Renew Health was founded on the vision of bridging the gap between treatment of injuries and training for strength and performance. We have assembled a team of therapists that understand the principles of strength and conditioning and a team of trainers that understand the principles of injury and rehabilitation.


By co-locating our clinic and team with our colleagues at ADAPT Performance, we have brought our vision to life. Our two businesses work collaboratively within one facility - East Hants Health and Performance Center. We thrive in this collaborative environment to optimize client care.

We have a commitment to excellence.
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We hand-select practitioners that fit our vision and values. We are committed to continual learning and professional development. Healthcare is our industry and we strive to be the best. We utilize and lean on each other’s skill sets to optimize the treatment for you. 

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We want our patients/clients to feel welcomed, respected, and connected. We are here to serve you. We strive to provide a treatment environment that makes you feel at home and part of the team. From your first step in the door, we want you to recognize you made the right choice in seeking help from Renew. 

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It takes a community to build a business and we know it. We believe firmly in both giving back to the community and engaging in the community as a whole. We are committed to making East Hants a better place through community engagement. 

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As an employer, we have a duty to provide an excellent work environment to our employees. Renew is dedicated to fostering a work environment that is fun, collaborative, and rewarding.

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