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Dr. Andrew Noseworthy

Chiropractor & Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Andrew Noseworthy_headshot.jpeg

Dr. Andrew Noseworthy is a dedicated Chiropractor and Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a strong passion for injury rehab and helping individuals achieve their goals. He believes in effective communication and empowers all patients to actively participate in their own care. As a fellow East Coaster, he is thrilled to call Nova Scotia home after studying and practicing in Toronto, where he has extensive experience working with various teams and athletes, from weekend warriors to semi-professional and professional athletes.

With a background in teaching, Dr. Noseworthy values education both for his patients and himself. He is continually advancing his knowledge, first obtaining a Bachelors in Physical Education, Bachelors in Education, followed by completing his Doctor of Chiropractic program. Now Dr. Noseworthy is completing a Masters of Kinesiology at Acadia University, as well as the Sports Sciences Residency Program through the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences, an intensive three-year program to become a Sports Specialist in the Chiropractic field.

Dr. Noseworthy is also certified in Acupuncture and is a Red Cross Emergency First Responder.   This broad body of knowledge and experience allows him to approach injuries from a holistic perspective, unlocking untapped potential for his patients. His evidence-based approach combines targeted treatments and exercise-based rehab to expedite your recovery and performance.   Outside of the clinic, Dr. Noseworthy loves staying active and spending time outdoors with friends, family, his partner, and his pup.

For those dealing with injuries, pain, or seeking a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Noseworthy has got you covered!

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